7 Amazing Advantages of Being a Freelancer that You Need to Know

24/01/2019 |

Being-FreelancerIt’s no mystery why freelancing has become increasingly popular amongst millennial workers. The flexibility, freedom and control you gain from being a freelancer are totally different from your typical office job. If you’re considering switching from full-time to freelance, here are 7 amazing advantages that you need to know.

Be Your Own Boss

The best part about being a freelancer is that you’re your own boss. For the most part, you make the rules, and you’re in control of your job. You don’t have to deal with the pains of working for a difficult boss, which is often a leading cause of stress for so many full-time workers.

Control Your Workload

Since you’re your own boss, you can also control your own volume of work. If your workload is getting too much to handle, you can drop a project to reduce the stress or say no to further work opportunities for the time being. You can prioritise what is most important to you and what needs to change.

Freedom to Choose Projects & Jobs

When you’re a freelancer, you don’t have any restrictions on the type of projects you do. You can choose the type of work you do based on your own interests and passions. You have the freedom to experiment with your skillset, try different things and do various types of projects. You can say ‘yes’ to as many projects as you want (as long as you have the time to complete them all).

Having this flexibility to try different things will allow you to grow in your career, and as a person as well.

Flexibility of Location

One of the most appealing aspects of the freelancing lifestyle is having the freedom to work wherever you want. Being connected to the internet and modern technology advancements have enabled freelancers to access clients anywhere in the world. As long as you’re getting the job done, it doesn’t matter if you work from a cafe, a co-working space or the comfort of your own home. You could even choose to work while travelling.

Control Over Your Work Relationships

Here’s another perk that comes with being your own boss – you can choose who you work with. If you don’t agree with a client’s payment policy or don’t mesh well with them personally, you can politely turn down the project.

Control Your Schedule

As a freelancer, you can create your work schedule based on when you’re most productive.

You can decide what time of day you work and how long you work each day. If you want to sleep in one morning, you can. Since you don’t have to take the commute to work, you can enjoy a more relaxed morning and stay in your PJs for as long as you want. If you work best during the later hours of the day, you can adjust your schedule accordingly.

More Time for Breaks & Exercise

It’s important to make a separation between work time and break time! In your typical 9-5 desk job, it’s easy to neglect your own mental and physical health. This is because when you spend most of your inside an office, you don’t always have the time or means to exercise regularly. But when you’re a freelancer, you have the freedom to take breaks whenever you want without worrying about attending meetings or scheduled hours.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and stressed with work, you can take a 20-minute walk around the block to de-stress or rejuvenate. You can adjust your own work schedule to make more time for exercise. It’s a lot easier to take care of your own mental and physical well-being when you’re in full control of when and how you work. Ultimately, as a freelancer, you gain a greater work-life balance.

Image Credit: Paige Cody on Unsplash