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Euro Freelancers

About Us

About Us | Euro Freelancers

We are Euro Freelancers

Since 2010 we are shaping the future of work using a distributed and networked approach for collaborative consulting​.

Through a new kind of freelance marketplace, we match our pool of independent consultants, fundraisers and lawyers with organizations looking for the brightest professionals available on demand.

We are a team of experts at your fingertips, and your gateway to the new world of work.

How we do it

  1. We go through our euro freelancers’ profiles and choose those whose skills are best placed to fulfill clients’ expectations or certain assignments.
  2. We assemble teams of top-range euro freelancers that we have hand-picked.
  3. We let clients to tap into our euro freelancers with the skills they require, at a price they find convenient and for the time they need them.
About Us | Euro Freelancers


We have 15+ years experience in raising public and private funding for small and medium enterprises, research organisations and non-profits.



We have written 350+ approved national grant applications (success rate ~ 90%) and 50+ approved EU applications (success rate ~ 60%).



We implement a success fee only policy (national grant funding and private investments) and a mix of success fee and admin fee (EU funding).

Our Team

Get to know the Euro Freelancers team that’ll be working with you on your fundraise.

Marco | Euro Freelancers

Marco Torregrossa

Chief Executive Officer

Francisco | Euro Freelancers

Francisco Flores

EU Advisory Lead

Karen | Euro Freelancers

Karen Wessinger

EU Funding Lead

Trees | Euro Freelancers

Trees Wejman

Nordics Funding Lead


Paul Quantock

UK Funding Lead

Mari | Euro Freelancers

Mari Maunula

Marketing Lead

Joel | Euro Freelancers

Joel Dullroy

Grant Writing Lead

Alessia | Euro Freelancers

Alessia Hutzul

Private Investments Lead

Alesia | Euro Freelancers

Alesia Ramanishyna

Grant Writer