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What We Offer

Our freelance consultants and lawyers help you understand how EU policy may impact your operations, and capitalise on the opportunities to influence the outcome of the legislative process.

We specialise in designing pan-European public affairs campaigns, building coalitions, positioning organisations as proactive and influential partners with European authorities, advocating your views with EU decision makers and all sectors of society.

From formulating and implementing EU advocacy plans to evaluating results and compiling detailed impact assessments, we deliver genuinely resource-efficient advisory solutions.

Regulatory Advice

We support your organisation to grow successfully in Brussels and assist you to reach your full potential by providing personalised policy advice that is necessary to succeed at EU level. We draw on our extensive advisory experience and in-depth knowledge of the European decision-making process to help you secure the best possible regulatory and funding result.

We perform detailed analysis, briefing you on the content of a specific legislative proposal, the positions of the various stakeholders involved and the likely outcomes. We give you early warning signals on expected developments and suggestions on what actions to take.

We also provide regular monitoring services and intelligence gathering to keep you updated on key EU policy developments in your sectors. This service covers all significant press, institutional channels and stakeholders’ positions. It includes a summary of all related policy issues, political and legal analysis and recommendations for action.

For each issue we provide a number of stakeholder mappings. These identify key actors and related issues relevant to your sector, e.g. policy makers in the EU institutions or civil society, academia, trade unions, industry associations, consumers, public authorities and SMEs.

​To maximise support for your positions and strengthen your advocacy efforts, we build alliances with like-minded stakeholders who can influence the policy making process and add credibility to your message. In addition, we can host a liaison office for your organisation and take care of the logistics for your meetings in Brussels. We can also represent you at events, making sure your message is heard by decision makers and other European stakeholders.

Our Expertise 

Our network of professionals combines technical, legal, regulatory, economic and financial expertise. With over 15 years advisory experience working with multinationals and NGOs, we have an unrivalled knowledge of policy issues at EU level to ensure you minimise risks and secure new opportunities for growth.

Whether you are a company needing to set up or review your EU public policy strategy, or you are an NGO aiming to strengthen your positioning, create a winning case to attract EU funding, we have the expertise to help you get there. Our consultants will work with you in integrating EU policy initiatives into your vision, structure and everyday operations, reflecting key stakeholder values and driving innovation.

Through benchmarking and compliance with EU legislation, we can measure your organisation’s performance and reporting systems and help you engage successfully with key stakeholders.

EU Training Courses

We deliver information and training sessions on how the EU works, its policy making process and European funding programs. We have trained, during the last 5 years, more than 500 project applicants and EU affairs experts among researchers, local authorities civil servants, managers of European offices, engineers, SMEs and large companies. 

Our training courses and programmes are interactive, with a balance between delivering classroom theory, and engaging in practical exercise with participation of the trainees in case study analyses and role-playing. Our courses are designed to meet international standards (ISO) accreditation requirements or are benchmarked in accordance to national or industry standards regulation for the delivery of training.

Our Comprehensive EU Advisory Services

»  Day to Day Administration & Running of Secretariats
»  Interface & Engagement with Policy Makers
»  Policy & Stakeholder Mapping
»  Tracking Legislative Updates & Policy Trends
»  Political Messaging & Materials
»  Representation of Interest, Branding & Positioning
»  Media Coverage, Digital Advocacy & Marketing
»  Reputation & Issues Management
»  Sector Analysis & Forecasting
»  Opinion Audits & Surveys
»  Ally Development & Coalition Building
»  Multistakeholder Roundtables & Events Organisation
»  Training on EU Law Implementation & Harmonisation
»  Benchmarking with Best Practices & Competitors Mapping
»  Stakeholder Engagement & Partnership Development

Interested in working together? Send us a note, we respond to every email we receive and are looking forward to hearing from you.