Euro Freelancers Speaks at the EESC Public Hearing on Collaborative Consumption

16/07/2013 |

collaborative-consumption-euro-freelancersEuro Freelancers delivered a presentation at the Public Hearing organised by the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) on 25 September 2013. The topic of this presentation was: “Sustainability in the Collaborative Economy”, addressing collaborative production as well as consumption in a value chain perspective.

The aim of this Hearing was to gather representatives of organisations working in the field of collaborative consumption and enable them to present their observations, concerns and expectations related to this new economic model. Participants had the opportunity to exchange views on the topic with a broad range of institutional and other stakeholders.

Those contributions will feed the EESC’s Opinion Paper on collaborative consumption which is currently under preparation.

The event confirmed the growing importance of collaborative consumption for European regulators and their need to be better informed about the various initiatives and developments in the sector in order to facilitate its growth in Europe.

The EESC event marked the launch of the European Sharing Economy Coalition as the first pan-European network to make the case for European policies that place a much greater emphasis on sharing and collaboration, as the driving force behind a more prosperous, sustainable and competitive European economy.

More information about the EESC event including the Opinion Paper, program and presentations can be viewed here.

You can view here below the presentation Marco Torregrossa has given at the event.