About Euro Freelancers

We Are Euro Freelancers

Euro Freelancers is shaping the future of work using a distributed and networked approach for collaborative consulting​. Through a new kind of freelance marketplace, we match our pool of independent consultants, fundraisers and lawyers with organizations looking for the brightest professionals available on demand. We are a team of experts at your fingertips, and your gateway to the new world of work.

Since the beginning when we founded it in 2010, we designed Euro Freelancers to be different and function as a cooperative, where value is realised by every node in the network. We are more than just consultants, each of us has a number of shares in the network and feels ownership of each project. 

Our headquarters are situated in the heart of the European Union, next to the European Commission, European Parliament and Council of Ministers in Brussels. In addition, we have branch offices in Helsinki, London and Madrid and our consultants and lawyers are based in the whole of Europe, east to west, north to south.

What We Do

All of what we do draws on the principles of “collective intelligence” – unlocking knowledge from across organisations, sectors and countries. 

We use crowdsourcing to tap into new sources and leverage pools of distributed labor, available on-demand to fulfill a range of tasks from public policy advisory to funding. Crowdsourcing is the practice of obtaining needed services by soliciting contributions from a large group of people rather than from traditional employees or suppliers. Crowdsourcing is a tremendously successful model, because it draws upon the diverse experience and knowledge of a large, heterogeneous audience to arrive at innovative solutions.

How We Do It 

  1. We assemble top-range professionals that we have hand-picked to be our “independent workforce”.
  2. We go through our freelancers’ profiles and choose those whose skills are best placed to fulfill clients’ expectations or certain assignments.
  3. We send out calls for experts, facilitate contacts, legal arrangements and paying methods within the scope of a client’s assignment.
  4. We allow clients to tap into those freelance professionals with the skills they require, at a price they find convenient and for the time they need them.

Our Offer

We work closely with like-minded partners in government, business, civil society, science, the media, public interest foundations and elsewhere. We offer you a comprehensive array of services to properly address or exceed your unique objectives and design results-oriented solutions that are tailor-made to your budgets. This ranges from advising on EU issue management, lobbying programmes, public affairs campaigns, strategic positioning, funding opportunities, and EU representation.

The idea is that the power of many is much stronger than lots of individuals working alone. The organisations we helped are coming out more strategic, more sustainable, more engaged, better funded and above all, able to create more value.

Our Expertise

We are specialised in the following activities:

  • Supply relevant information to key decision-makers on the most adequate policies to create sustainable value;
  • Report on the latest regulatory developments and forecast/influence future market and policy developments affecting relevant sectors;
  • Assist in seeking private investors and carry out EU grant/tender applications and project implementation.

We know how to collect, interpret and respond to information and offer the vision and tools to help you: Anticipate, Adjust and Advance. The capacity to understand, predict and influence the impact of EU legislation can make the difference between success and failure and helps organisations adapt to changing framework conditions.

Whether you represent a European industry association, company, local authority, academic institution or civil society, we can help you to capture opportunities and develop an impactful outreach program.

Our Revenue Model

Our model is unique. It offers you the ability to tap into the combined knowledge of a network of independent professionals, while benefiting from a comprehensive range of quality skills, expertise and capabilities, at competitive market rates.

Our consultants earn fees from advisory services, taking part in EU funded projects and investment return from our business angel services. Euro Freelancers is based upon a cooperative model whereby each consultant earns a number of profit shares for the specific work done. Each share is partly converted in revenue streams and partly reinvested in the management and development of the network.

Our virtual, collaborative structure gives us a light footprint, allowing us to keep daily rates competitive, minimise overheads and operating costs as to provide premium quality service and better value for money to our clients.

We are committed to work on performance based contracts. All consultants in our network agree their compensation is linked directly to results delivered to the client.

Our Values 

Paramount to our work is: sustainability, innovation, creative thinking and euro enthusiasm. A combination of the above will add value and generate opportunities across sectors and geographic locations in the Europe.

We are dedicated to high professional standards towards our clients in our relations with the European Institutions. We subscribe to the EU Transparency Register and most of our consultants signed code of conducts and are members of various professional bodies in their countries.

We pride ourselves to use an evidence based approach to our work, which is driven by verified data and substantiated facts. All our advocacy, investments and funding activities are rooted in facts, figures, proofs and systematic analysis. We are focused on achieving an impact on the ground and we use specific metrics to measure the success of our outcomes.

Interested in working together? Send us a note, we respond to every email we receive and are looking forward to hearing from you.