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NOTE TO CANDIDATES: We are currently accepting applications to strengthen our network of freelance fundraisers and boutique consultancies specialised in equity and investment funding. Please refer to this announcement on our website.

At Euro Freelancers we are looking for talented professionals who make things happen. We operate within the heart of Europe and strive to meet challenges by providing quality work.

We believe great things can only be achieved by working in a free environment, with maximum autonomy and room for initiatives. This is why Euro Freelancers forgoes the more common hierarchical system in favor of a collaborative way of working and an intuitive co-working environment. Each consultant willing to join us continues to independently run his/her own business and at the same time gets the benefits and power of the group. Please note we are not employing staff.

We engage professionals who have proven experience and success in their particular field. We welcome capable and dynamic people, who collaborate selflessly and can face professional challenges with determination and a sense of humor. 

Working with Euro Freelancers means you are independent, but part of a team, defining your own terms of engagement. Our selection process is simple, but the vetting is rigorous. Euro Freelancers is an invitation only group and we are keen to maintain a high standard of consultants fully committed to our business model, vision and mission. Our consultants have either been referred by an existing member or invited to join based on their credentials. 

The number of Euro Freelancers has recently grown exponentially, thanks to which we are able to cover different areas with diverse expertise. At the same time, we are keen to keep the organisation as fluid and self-manageable as possible. However, we sometimes explore informal collaborations and stipulate partnership agreements with skilled professionals, particularly with those who already have an established network and could bring in new business leads. ​

With Euro Freelancers you will:

»   Benefit from collective marketing
»   Enhance business potential and entrepreneurial career
»   Increase your visibility and potential
»   Gain access to additional projects and referrals
»   Develop a shared client database
»   Access expert knowledge and external resources

We would be delighted to hear from you.

Should you wish to get in touch, please visit our contact page here.