Platform Strategies for Business in the Digital Age

04/09/2019 |

About this Event

The world’s 6 most valuable companies by market capitalization (Amazon, Apple, Alibaba, Microsoft, Alphabet, Facebook) and 70% of the $1 billion+ unicorn startups (Didi, Airbnb, Uber) operate digital ecosystems that match buyers & sellers, and gain enormous market share from network effects. Yet, only 3% of established companies have adopted active platform strategies.

But things are changing. Even your local fitness club nowadays makes much of its money not by what it sells but by facilitating the interactions of others—just like farmers’ markets or stock exchanges already do.

Whatever your business is, you are or you will compete with or build on top of existing platforms. But this game needs to be played with platform rules!

This Masterclass is hosted by Euro Freelancers in collaboration with Sberbank, PwC, and Moscongress.

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Morning 08:30 –12:30


Devise the right business model and pricing strategy for your own platform.

Key Issues: How to choose a profitable revenue generation model among those of established platforms? Under what conditions should you subsidize one or multiple sides? How should the pricing structure change over time? What payment systems to implement and how to avoid users bypassing it?

Deliverables: 1 presentation + 3 case studies , 1 exercise on platform business model generation, 1 outline of recommended business model per participant.


Design and manage your own platform.

Key Issues: How to discover platform opportunities and mobilise an open ecosystem? What curation and governance will ignite network effect? How to grow supply and demand simultaneously and optimize their matching? What key success and failure factors?

Deliverables: 1 presentation + 2 case studies, 1 exercise on platform design and ecosystem scan, 1 recommended architecture of a minimum viable platform per participant.

12:30 –13:30 Working Lunch

Afternoon 13:30 –17:00


Integrate the right third-party tools and tech into your own platform.

Key Issues: What tools e.g. APIs and blockchain can improve access and facilitate transactions among your users? What software to use to attract, retain, work with and pay your users? What new services or products could your platform offer? What reputation / review systems and insurance mechanisms should be embedded?

Deliverables: 1 presentation + 4 case studies, 1 exercise on platform building, 1 test platform built online per participant.


Validate your own platform and get actionable takeaways.

Key Issues: What step-by-step actions are needed to apply the learnings from this training to your platform? What metrics and data strategy can be implemented to measure success on your platform? What regulations may impact your platform operations and expansion?

Deliverables: 1 presentation + 3 case studies, 1 exercise on platform validation, 1 platform business plan (optimised version delivered in 2 weeks) per participant.

Evening 17:00 – 20:00


Participants can request short and individualised coaching sessions (15 min each) with the trainers after the Masterclass and a 1-hour call to review progress in the month following the Masterclass.

Platform Strategies

Why Platform Training is Needed

  • Top management lacks tools to convert products & services into platforms and the metrics to track ROI.
  • Unexplored potential to discover B2C & B2B platform opportunities lie in many fragmented value chains.
  • Platforms are wrongly considered a tech domain and addressed with traditional competitive dynamics.
  • Building a platform may at first be a side project, testing in a risk free environment a new proof of concept without transforming core business models.
  • Platforms require shifting production from the inside to letting outside users transact in an ecosystem.
  • Growing initial supply and demand and building a strong network effect can at first be challenging.
Platform Strategies

What You Will Walk Away With

You will learn a design & validation framework to develop your own platform and fine tune a sustainable business model around it.

By using a set of design canvases, you will leverage the power of the ecosystem, a set of entities that create value in transacting with each other, with the aim of capturing part of that value.

You will go one step further in your digitalization journey and learn how to use a set of technologies to build and manage your platform.

Together, we will draw up a business plan with step by steps actions to validate your platform and test it with a prototyping approach.

You will gain actionable tools and techniques that can be immediately applied to your platform or any other future platform ideas.

Platform Strategies

For Whom?

This Masterclass is designed for business leaders in both large and small companies to operate effectively in platform environments by providing a set of theories, frameworks and tools to transform existing ventures or launch new ones.

Anyone from C-level executives to operation managers, service designers and R&D officers, whose responsibilities require forward-looking business thinking will benefit from this Masterclass.

To foster teamwork and maximize learning impact, we encourage both individuals and teams to attend.

Platform Strategies

How the Masterclass Works

Preparation: Bring forward an existing platform, an idea of a platform or market opportunity that you want to develop or optimise. Trainers will be available before the Masterclass to help you conceptualize your own platform idea as to maximize learning outputs.

Content: 20% briefing, 10% case study, 50% gamification and small groups exercise, 20% feedback loop and discussion.

Maximum group size: 25 people.

Language: English with facilitation in Russian.

Handouts: A platform toolbox and success checklist will be provided before and after the Masterclass.

Required Expertise: For both beginners and experts.

Further info: or contact us.

Platform Strategies

Ticket and cancellation policy

If this Masterclass is not confirmed, you’ll receive a full refund of your registration fee. If the trainers have to cancel due to unforeseeable circumstances you’ll receive a full refund of your registration fee. Travel or other costs will not be refunded.

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If you cancel your participation up to one week before the Masterclass, you’ll receive a full refund except eventbrite fees. No refund will be offered as of one week before the Masterclass. You can however transfer your ticket to a colleague from the same organisation at no extra charge or receive a free ticket for any of the upcoming Masterclasses that we will organise.

Ticket invoices will be issued and sent to you after the event.

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Platform Strategies

Leading Instructor

Marco Torregrossa is CEO at Euro Freelancers, a curated platform for consulting and legal services on-demand. He is Board Member at the European Sharing Economy Coalition, where he has led governmental relations and public affairs for platforms like Airbnb, Uber and Ebay.

In the last years Marco has held a number of training events across Europe to help organisations launch, monetise and scale their own digital marketplaces and use platform strategies to gain competitive advantage. He has trained more than 250 people from leading organisations in public and private sector across industries, including Fortune500.

His last masterclasses took place on November 21 in Helsinki, Finland, on October 3 in Barcelona, Spain, on April 9 in Oslo, Norway and were attended by large companies and SMEs. He teaches a master level course on platform economy at a University in Finland and is a contributor to the Digital Transformation of Industries World Economic Forum initiative.

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