Sectors | Euro FreelancersOur Multi-Sectoral Approach

We offer you a wide choice from our team of experts by skill, sector expertise, geographic expertise or language.

We are in regular contact with over 10.000 organisations all over Europe and the world from a variety of sectors. Our network constantly hears the latest cutting edge thinking, obstacles encountered, trends spotted and opportunities discovered by these and other organisations. We provide you with insights into these latest developments in order to assist you with decision-making, strategic planning, and expansion activities.

Through advocacy, outreach and relationship building, we help clients to engage key audiences by designing effective strategies to connect with them, helping them achieve successful outcomes. Our aim is to bridge the knowledge gap between clients and political establishments. All our consultants combine creativity with a sound understanding of EU policies and funding programs in the various sectors.

Our Multi-Stakeholder Expertise

We work with industry, financial community, governments and civil society to improve cross sectors collaboration and align business and society more closely with the European policy agenda.

Our clients range from local governments and multinationals to European trade associations, SMEs, research centres, training organisations and NGOs. We are also serving a growing number of innovation supporters such as regional development agencies, chambers of commerce, industrial districts, competitiveness clusters, technology transfer centres etc.

Our Policy and Industry Expertise

Our consultants are experienced in specific policy areas and industry sectors with the knowledge, contacts, technical skills and insights needed to provide you with the optimal possible influence and service. Everyone of us brings a unique set of skills and expertise to the group, allowing us to mix and merge these different attributes, providing out-of-the box thinking and results. 

We are experienced in all major sectors including retail, energy, environment, healthcare, transport, construction, trade, financial services, ICT and telecommunications. In addition, sustainability, corporate social responsibility (CSR)open innovation, collaborative / sharing economy and crowdsourcing are overarching and horizontal sectors, part of the value proposition that we offer.

Our Network and Outreach

We work in partnership with a number of engineering firms which can provide auditing, modelling calculations and technical/scientific expertise to satisfy your specific requests. We benefit from the support of several other professionals such as IT experts, legal advisors, tax consultants, accountants etc. We also work alongside a network of leading communications and public relations agencies in UK, France, Germany, Finland and Poland, where a complete solution is needed, such as online or offline creative campaigns. 

Thanks to our extensive network across Europe and beyond, we ensure a truly comprehensive sectors and geographical outreach. We are constantly expanding our international presence as we serve clients in the United Kingdom, the United States, Russia, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Romania and Japan. Our broad network of partners and flexibility of our independent consultants allows us to undertake projects all over the world.

Our Comprehensive Sectors Experience 

»   Environmental Technologies & Eco Innovation
»   Sustainable Consumption & Production
»   Energy Efficiency & Renewables
»   Transport & Logistics
»   Smart Mobility & Intelligent Transport Systems​
»   Raw Materials & Natural Resources
»   Oil & Gas
»   Construction & Infrastructures
»   Consumer Goods
»   Agriculture & Rural Development
»   Development Cooperation & CSR
»   Chemicals
»   Waste & Water Management
»   Sustainable Public & Private Procurement
»   Environmental Management Systems
»   Food & Drink Science & Bio Technologies​
»   Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals
»  Information & Communication Technologies

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