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Seed Investments Fund

Our Fund for Seed Investments

Our own seed investments fund supports technologies enabling network effects and digital marketplace ventures with proven traction that require equity capital for growth. 

Our investments are designed to provide early-stage capital for startups which have established initial operations but require additional support to achieve critical mass and secure their growth in other countries and markets. Our sweet spot is between seed and late seed (€1M – €3M).

In our investment decision we place emphasis on innovative platforms and technologies that solve societal challenges. We invest in high-growth entrepreneurs dedicated to tackling some of society’s greatest challenges with strong triple bottom line returns. We search for the most vibrant startups passionate about leveraging the power of platforms and digital marketplaces to create significant economic, social and environmental value.

We are proud of taking a holistic approach to the funding needs of our clients. Whether working with early-stage startups to prepare them for pitch investments, supply seed finance, or assist them with trainings on business development, we offer a truly integrated support service to entrepreneurs.

We are a diverse team of founders, financial consultants, investors and platform-enthusiasts. For us, there is nothing better than working together with founders to disrupt entire industries with a platform approach. 

Investment Strategy

Our early-stage investments are focused on for-profit social enterprises, pursuing meaningful social and environmental performance as well as delivering financial value.

Our seed investments fund managers work with promising social entrepreneurs and platforms to help them build a compelling investment case, devise a fundraising strategy and target investors. We promote an investment ecosystem that values social and environmental impact as much as the financial bottom line. As impact investors, we look for viable cases that convince us not only that an entrepreneur can create a thriving platform business with financial return for investors, but also that he or she can transform millions of lives.

Our investments are based on a research process that examines financial performance and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) practices to identify organisations with solid credentials and competitive long-term performance perspectives. Our investments provide equity capital to platform entrepreneurs in underinvested markets, seeking financial returns, as well as the creation of quality jobs, lower harmful emissions and lead to sustainable wealth.

We accept investment proposals from startups with a proven model to deliver both financial returns and disruptive social and environmental impacts. We mainly invest in European based companies and organisations operating for at least 12 months with: 

A mission which is socially driven but with a measurable and profitable business model;

Seeking to raise > 500.000 EUR of capital (debt or equity) within the next 6 to 12 months;

Well established market position with loyal customers;

A track record of positive cash generation from trading;

Proven technology or service structure going beyond prototype phase;

Value for money and cost advantageous products or services;

European scalability and transferability potential to growing end-markets;

Well established exploitation / dissemination plans and exit strategies;

The potential to attract another investment partner keen to invest with us;

The qualities to become an attractive acquisition target.

In addition to these requirements, in order to be considered for our early-stage investments, you would need to provide:

Market data, information on sales, partners, competitors and a viable route for up-scaling;

Product specifications and barriers to market uptake;

Value proposition, differentiation and payback period to end users;

Business plan and financial projections, including last twelve months revenue and balance sheet.

As an investor in your company, Euro Freelancers will be a committed and active business partner. We do not only invest, but also provide our knowledge, experience and access to our network.

Investors Network

In addition to our direct investments, we help startups secure early-stage capital through our networks that connect emergent platform businesses searching for equity with investors. 

There is an acute need to up-scale impactful solutions for sustainability challenges and this requires stronger collaborative platforms for social innovation. Hence, we are actively building a community of early-stage investors passionate about scaling up positive, social and environmental change through market forces. We connect like-minded investors and organisations with one another and act as a channel for human and financial capital to flow to worthy social enterprises. 

We offer direct access to these experts who do not only provide finance but also offer support services to bring innovative concepts to the market in the form of investors seeking, technology transfer, commercialisation plans and licensing. 

Let Us Know How We Can Help

Whether you are an investor, or an entrepreneur looking for investment to grow your business, contact us to find out how we can help you.

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