In my previous role, I was faced with a limited organisational budget. Working with Euro Freelancers, I was able to raise additional financial support from the EU to achieve our outreach programs in the Netherlands. This is exactly the type of support we envisaged from the agreement and I’m pleased to say that Euro Freelancers fully delivered”​

 – Creative Director (NGO)

My experience with Euro Freelancers has been very positive. They have lifted a weight off our shoulders and they acted as a partner willing to build a long-term relationship. We really appreciate all the help and support they have given to us and I developed a great degree of trust in them because, they do what they preach

– Chief Financial Officer (Corporate)

The public affairs team of Euro Freelancers was quick at understanding our priorities and what we wanted out of this project to be funded. They delivered a solution that was exactly matching our capabilities as an NGO. It was an excellent experience working with Marco and we had tangible results from our engagement with EU officials

– President (NGO)

Euro Freelancers offered more than the typical consultant-client relationship and they have been more of a strategic partner, providing us with feedback and useful advice. They were able to inject creative thinking and detailed EU sectoral insight. I am pleased to say they have exceeded my expectations

– Executive Director (NGO)

Working with Euro Freelancers has been an outstanding experience for our local authority. They are fun to be working with, right from the start they were attentive to details, professional and fast to learn about our demands. Their research was invaluable for us to understand our chances in Brussels and we were highly satisfied with the final advocacy results they achieved for us

– Senior Energy Manager (Local Authority)

The team at Euro Freelancers is passionate about their work and delivered exceptional quality service helping us to achieve planned goals. Their staff greatly contributed in fine tuning our vision into an outstanding project proposal which received EU funding. I am looking forward to continue working with them in Brussels and Denmark

– Development Director (SME)

Their research work was very accurate and the mapping of stakeholders engagement allowed me to establish meaningful connections in Brussels. They are dedicated and knowledgeable professionals who accompanied me during the process, and after. They put themselves in my organisation and analysed my issues as if it were their own. I really recommend Marco and his team because of services at this level of quality

– Account Executive (Consultancy)

The Euro Freelancers team was extremely professional. In helping us prepare our public affairs messages, they showed a tremendous understanding of our issues and I was particularly impressed with how fast they learned the intricacies of our business and our target groups

– Public Relations Manager (SME)

I worked with the team of Euro Freelancers to develop an advocacy position and funding plan in Brussels. They are sharp, creative and results-oriented. I recommend them very much to any organisation looking to accelerate the development of their businesses all over the EU

– Senior Vice President (Corporate)