Our Uniqueness

Why should you engage for your project independent EU affairs consultants and lawyers? The answer is simple: “because it is both cost effective and result effective.” Sourcing for short-term projects is expensive, time-consuming and poorly served.​

Independent EU affairs consultants and lawyers can add highly skilled value in an effective way whenever organisations need it and wherever they need it. They accomplish single or regular activities that do not require the burdensome weights related to full time employment.

The other unique selling points can be summarised as follows:

Value for Expertise: Independent consultants and lawyers offer specialized skills and knowledge highly targeted for a particular activity like a short term public affairs campaign or management of a EU funded project. Such skills on the long term are either expensive to maintain or simply non-existent within the client organisation;

Value for Money: independent consultants and lawyers are typically engaged on a project basis with a clear fees structure without bonuses and pay raises required. This is particular well suited for national clients having a defined budget and task to be accomplished at the EU level on a short to medium term time span;

Value for Time: independent consultants and lawyers work on flexible schedule and at their own rhythm (including weekends and summer/winter holiday times when usually employees do not work) according to the client’s pace and progress in the specific activities they have been contracted for. They are faster to hire than from a HR department or headhunter and they do not represent a long term commitment for the client organisation. They can start a project within days.

Our commitment to freelancing distinguishes us from our competitors. At Euro Freelancers we have developed a unique value proposition, which is further elaborated below:

Fully integrated expertise in EU advocacy, EU funding and private investments

We do advocacy as a means to raise funds and work on EU funding as a means to do advocacy. We also act as a private investors to scale up the innovation potential of some of our clients with demonstrated high-level growth that require equity capital for business exploitation plans. 

Promoting freelancing as a flexible work arrangement in collaborative environments

We believe distributed talent models are the future. Experts estimate that up to 55% of the workforce in the EU will consist of non-employees within 10 years. This can be for the implementation of EU funded projects or short to medium term advocacy activities such as a targeted public affairs campaign.

We are not simply EU consultants and lawyers

We tap into the combined knowledge of our pan European network of multi-disciplinary independent experts on a project basis, ensuring you get the right talent for your specific challenges from a variety of fields. We are more than simple EU consultants and lawyers, each of us considers himself/herself a thriving micro-entrepreneur. 

We are not a traditional agency 

Each of us 35 independent consultants and lawyers has a portfolio of at least 10 clients each, that makes 350-500 clients and partner organisations for the benefit of the entire network. Our outreach and multiplier potential is therefore larger than a traditional mid-size EU affairs agency that usually handles an average of 10-15 clients with the same consultants working on several dossiers. Unlike a traditional agency, none of our consultants are “told” to work on specific projects by a more senior manager or the hierarchy.​

Commitment to work on performance based contracts

35 independent consultants and lawyers, based in 6 EU countries, 4 office locations, all together 195 (!) years of combined experience in the EU. Having themselves a large individual network, each of our consultants can quickly react to and service a multitude of requests from clients around Europe, meeting their expectations. All consultants and lawyers in our network agreed their compensation is linked directly to results delivered to the client.

Flexible fees   

We offer customised options with full cancelation alternatives as opposed to inflexible contracts and a single price choice. Clients can agree with our consultants and lawyers to pay either for the entire project or split the payments based on milestones. ​Our consultants and lawyers are matched specifically to your needs rather than assigned to you based on your spending. We have executive talents performing the work, rather than traditional agencies having junior resources doing the actual work. Unlike our competitors, Euro Freelancers does not charge any “administrative” fees to either our clients or our consultants/lawyers from the work we generate. We believe that organisations should be able to hire freelancers without hassle and that freelancers should retain all their earnings.​

Collaborative virtual structure giving us a light footprint 

Our consultants and lawyers can choose their own hours and place where they perform the work. This allows us to keep daily rates competitive, minimise operating and office costs as to provide premium quality service and better value for money. ​Each consultant and lawyer has his/her own daily rate and clients with a combined outreach to over 10.000 organisations all over Europe from a variety of sectors. Our network constantly hears the latest cutting edge thinking, obstacles encountered, trends spotted and opportunities discovered by these and other organisations.

Strong expertise in sustainability, crowdsourcing and open innovation 

We advice on the effective implementation of open innovation and CSR programs that deliver a positive impact on society and create value for all. We are trained to deliver an environmental, social and governance (ESG) monitoring mechanism designed for application in various settings. Finally we are providing truly unique crowdsourcing solutions.

Advocacy and funding based on evidence 

We pride ourselves to use an evidence based approach to our work, which is driven by verified data and substantiated facts. All our advocacy, investments and funding activities are rooted in facts, figures, proofs and systematic analysis. We are focused on achieving an impact on the ground and we use specific metrics to measure the success of our outcomes.

Commitment to Plain English Writing  

Plain English is the art to produce information that the reader can understand the first time they read it. At Euro Freelancers we believe all our communications should be clear, concise and as jargon-free as possible. We adapt our writing style to suit our audiences, as to always be able to communicate effectively, more easily and in a friendlier way. We use the Flesch Reading Ease method as the standard test of readability for all our documents, under which we aim to achieve a minimum score of 53 points.

Interested in working together? Send us a notewe respond to every email we receive and are looking forward to hearing from you.