Welcome to the New Freelance Economy

Here at Euro Freelancers, things work differently. They just do. Look around. The way work gets done is changing. Work is being reduced into smaller pieces, altering the practice both for organisations that buy work and for professionals delivering work for pay.

Nearly one out of four Europeans is working independently. Outsourcing arrangements with Fortune 100 companies have more than doubled in the last 10 years.​ According to the research: Future Working, numbers have increased from just under 6.2 million in 2004 to 8.9 million in 2013, making independent workers the fastest growing segment in the European labour market. And yet, policy makers focus on metrics related to measuring jobs to gauge the strength of the economy, rather than tracking “work” taking place outside formal employment.

Historically, policymakers have established regulations for individuals and separate regulations for businesses. The freelance economy blurs this distinction. What is now needed are regulations for “people as businesses”.

But one thing is clear: a new Freelance Economy revolution has arrived and is here to stay. Euro Freelancers provides the leadership, disruptive thinking and tools to help you navigate this space and succeed.​

We are a collaborative network of 35 independent EU affairs and funding consultants, investors, micro-entrepreneurs, managers and trainers, who are recognised as experts in their fields. We champion crowdsourcing by providing organisations with a direct access to a pool of experienced and highly skilled consulting resources, available on-demand to fill gaps across project teams, in critical roles and senior level positions.

This comes at a time of diminished organisational budgets and senior-level skills shortages in the European marketplace. As organisations downsize conventional employee roles to face the harsh economic climate, they find critical gaps in their teams, right when they need them most. Increasingly, they are demanding the resource flexibility of independent professionals either in interim positions or within traditional outsourced services models for ad hoc assignments. These assignments might be the typical EU funded projects or short to medium term advocacy activities such as a targeted public affairs campaign.

Euro Freelancers is pioneering the disruptive concept of “collaborative innovation“. In 2010, collaborative innovation was named one of TIME Magazine’s 10 ideas that will change the world. Collaborative Innovation is the ability to access power found in networks of people. Fundamental societal changes, unprecedented economic uncertainty and global megatrends are changing the way employment works and how people connect with work towards greater workforce dynamism. A growing shift has started where organisations are less compelled to own resources, but place more value on access to networks and talent pools, utilising independent services and external knowledge transfer. Nowadays organizations are looking to replace fixed costs with variable expenses and often take on-demand approaches to secure access to skilled personnel and competencies on an as-needed basis. 

The evolving workforce is a mixture of full-time employees, contractors, freelancers, and – increasingly – people with no formal ties to your organisation at all, the open source talent or crowdsourcing model. This method of sourcing has gained attention for its power to harness collective intelligence and foster innovation – a critical part of any growth-driven competitive strategy.​ In the future, organizations’ competitive advantage will hinge on workers who aren’t employees at all.​ This trend will ultimately rewrite what the term “workforce” actually means.​

Employees of a typical organisation are often artificially isolated in their areas of expertise, without the chance to perceive the practical impact of their work on the client or customer. As a result, their skills become dependent from the short-term needs of the employer and ultimately fail to adjust to the changing needs of an evolving EU economy. Employees turn to be less prepared to adapt to the marketplace and may end up disengaged from the tasks they are accomplishing.​

On the whole, there is no better time for organisations to use human capital in a different way and for independent consultants to offer their competencies in the EU arena. Both organisations and individuals should be seeking better work arrangements that provide greater autonomy in collaborative environments. Networks and platforms of freelance professionals can redefine dynamic work relationships in a unique way and supply valuable assets. They will enable organisations and independent professionals to connect as required. Procuring competencies for specific EU affairs activities should become core, as much as looking for independent professional challenges should become a way of life. 

Permanent jobs belong to the past and more and more, people are becoming the masters of their own careers. They want to manage their own time as a way to achieve their well-being and a work-life balance. ​Social technologies, new coworking spaces and shared offices allow independent professionals to collectively tap into people, ideas and sectors across the global marketplace, creating a new reality and prosperity. ​​To succeed in this Freelance Economy, independent professionals require the tools and resources to compete as well as organisations need better ways to engage with the non-traditional labour force.

“As we look to the EU economy in the future, one thing is certain: the exploding Freelance Economy will drive change in the way work is done, in the way companies and workers interact, and in EU policies response. Those who understand these changes and can adapt will be best prepared to take advantage of the new opportunities offered by the Freelance Economy”.​

What makes us unique is that all of our assignments are delivered by independent consultants. The driving force behind Euro Freelancers’ commitment to flexible working is a belief that people perform better when they have choice and control over themselves. We are so convinced that flexible talent pools will give your project new ideas, different perspectives and a far better final outcome. We guarantee it. 

Welcome to Euro Freelancers, welcome to the new 21st century Freelance Economy that is agile, collaborative, scaling and where access to talent is more important than ownership of talent​. Explore this evolution with us and see how you fit into the process. Whenever you are ready for the new Freelance Economy, our networked professionals will help you take the next steps essential to thrive in this space.​

Marco Torregrossa
Euro Freelancers​