3 Signs That it’s Time to Start Freelancing

13/11/2017 |

For many individuals, the idea of becoming a freelancer is an exciting prospect. Setting your own hours, choosing the clients you work with, and doing what you love may seem like a dream. However, in 2015, it was reported that freelancers comprise “25% of all those working in professional, scientific and technical work” in the EU. In countries across the EU, more and more workers are getting to enjoy the freedom of self-employment.

Although it offers numerous perks, the life of a freelancer is not without challenges. When assessing whether or not it is a good time to become a freelancer, barriers such as income, motivation, and client availability can seem overwhelming.

If you have been considering making the move into freelancing, consider these three signs.

You are good at what you do

In order to be a successful freelancer, you must have a certain level of talent in your field. Because the freelance market is so competitive, be sure that you are working within your strengths.

If you are unsure about your actual level of skill, assess the feedback that you’ve received about your work. Are you consistently receiving praise, rewards, and promotions related to the skills you would be using as a freelancer? You can also request feedback from trusted peers to help you in your assessment.

You can manage your money well

At the beginning of your career (and even later on), freelancing can bring about times of financial uncertainty. As you build you your client work, it is essential to have proper money management skills. If you have multiple sources of making money, or if you’ve built a decent savings, you are on the right path.

However, it is also essential to know how to manage your funds in lean times. Be sure that you are able to exercise self-control, and that you have a plan for managing your funds.

You can work without supervision

New freelancers can easily underestimate the implications of being their own boss. Rather than having a structured work day with a boss to monitor progress, freelancers are in control of what work they do, when they do it, and how they do it.

Although this kind of freedom is exciting, it is also not appropriate for the work styles of some individuals. You must be able to routinely exercise self-discipline and be a self-starter to have a successful freelance career. Those who need expectations and goals set by a boss or an organization are usually not a good fit for freelancing.

While these are only three potential signs that it is time to begin freelancing, exploring the areas listed should give you a good start in your decision making. Since there is no official test or rules to help you make this decision, it is important to assess the facts, review your options, and make the best educated career move.

This is a guest post by Lucy Wyndham, professional freelance writer.

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