3 Ways to Bring Collaboration Into Content Creation

16/02/2018 |

Collaboration Content CreationFreelancing may seem, from the outside, to be a solo venture. However, the opposite is actually true. One survey found that 9 out of 10 freelancers and self-employed individuals had reached out to another for benefits like networking, support, or advice.

This collaboration is an important facet of freelance work and can be leveraged when it comes to content creation as well. Here are three ways to break out of a “solo” mindset when it comes to your content and take a strength-in-numbers approach.

Share Ideas Freely

When coming up with content for your website, don’t limit your collaborative efforts to those within your industry. Michel Gianuzzi, CEO of Tarkett, reminds us that “Businesses can also find new solutions from outside their own sectors”. The solutions that a business or freelancer finds through sharing may be relevant to their content.

If you are attempting to generate content for an environmental site, for example, you might find a helpful idea from someone outside of this area of expertise. Someone who specializes in construction could have information that would help you. So, share ideas with everyone, not just the people who you feel are within your industry.

Reach Out To Experts

Experts have a great deal to offer to content creators. They can be used as authoritative sources for single quotes, entire interviews, or foundational concepts.

Some experts, such as authors, may have a product (like a book) to promote. You might be able to involve them in your content creation in exchange for the exposure to their product.

Work In A Coworking Space

One of the best ways to get into a collaborative rather than individual mindset when working on content is to create while working in a coworking space. In addition to a stimulating, creative, open environment, workers find face-to-face communication. Why is this important? Because, an astounding 55% of communication is non-verbal. If you call a peer and ask if your latest content idea is good, you may miss the tell-tale grimace or shrug that would cause you to toss the idea and keep searching.

Collaboration is a powerful tool that all workers, whether self-employed or not, have at their fingertips. To incorporate teamwork into your content creation, try discussing your ideas freely across different sectors. You never know where your next great idea will come from. In addition, involve experts, and consider working from a coworking space when you are in the idea-generating phase of content creation.

By Lucy Wyndham, Professional Freelance Writer

Image Credit: Nic McPhee – Scribble