5 Ways to Stand Out as a Freelancer

03/05/2021 |

In the past decade, people are starting to realize that being passionate about their jobs is much more important than everything else. Looking for the right position or opportunity will always mean that people have to take into consideration that whatever this opportunity is, it will eat up most of their everyday lives.

Other than that, more and more young adults are choosing the direction of training and self-taught talent over a university degree, and want to work as freelancers, proving that their talent is enough to start a career. While this is possible, as more and more companies are hiring without a college degree, it does take an extreme amount of self-discipline and motivation.

But what exactly is a freelancer? Freelancers are basically people who work for themselves rather than one company. The good thing about being a freelancer is that you can accept and turn down projects to your liking, and you are in charge of your work environments, the amount of money you get, and the amount of work you can allow yourself to have.

The great thing about freelancers for companies and other freelancers is almost the same thing. Freelancers can be hired by companies for long and short terms, and freelancers can work together with other freelancers as well. If a company has a huge short-term project they don’t have the manpower for, a lot of times they’ll hire a freelancer to take care of it for them. This can be design jobs, writing jobs, data entry, web development, cybersecurity, anything. Freelancers are cheaper, but the risk of hiring someone uneducated always lingers, as most freelancers rely on their talents and some self-training.

Freelancers can also choose to work together if a lot of work is flowing in. For example, if there’s a freelance designer who’s a good catch, a lot of companies and people will hire them, and the workload can get very heavy. That’s when they too look for other freelancers to help carry this load, by working together on the same project and slicing up the earnings.

As a freelancer, you can actively look for either of these opportunities, and decide which one is more suitable for you, or you can apply for all sorts of positions at the same time if you can manage the workload. This article will serve as a guide to make yourself look more promising for future employees.

Have an Online Presence

Having an online presence is very important in this century. Not only does this mean that you are actively marketing your talents, and showing off what you can do, this will also help any employer get to know you, as a CV is not always enough, especially if it’s lacking a degree or high-end experience.

But even if a person has amazing qualifications, a degree, and loads of experience, a freelancer must always have an online presence ready to show who they are, and why they are better than every other talented young candidate.

Have a Masterfully Made Portfolio

It’s not enough to have a CV ready to go, everyone today needs at least a cover letter and a resume ready next to that. But most freelancers should have a well-made portfolio as well, to show off their works, or publications if they have any.

In the olden days, portfolios were printed out and made into books or magazines, or at least pasted into a sloppy Word document. But the most effective way to create a portfolio today is making a free blog just for gathering your works. This is the best choice especially for people who have a lot of past work or work for a range of clients. It’s easy to browse through, and you can make different menus out of different tasks.

For instance, writers often have an online portfolio at hand that they upgrade actively, and they often have tabs for each genre they write. For example, a tab for creative writing, a tab for translations, a tab for articles, and each genre within them, and so on. Most job opportunities and applications are online anyway, so instead of slapping a PDF on the table, paste the web page instead, and you’re ready to go. It’s elegant, easy to go through, and shows that you put energy and time into it.

Know How to Use the Current Situation to Your Advantage

The coming of the COVID-19 virus has taken its toll on every company in the world. Instead of trying to deny the fact that the entire world has changed, try to use the situation to your advantage. For instance, nearly everyone is forced to work from home and is struggling with the changes this requires. Show companies that you would be the best remote employee, and a true asset, and could even help with this change for other employees as well.

Make a list of the ways you could be an asset for companies in these times, write down every way you can make their job easier instead of harder. A company will not hire just any freelancer now, they can’t afford to. But if you prove that you’re an asset they can’t say no to, there’s a chance you could make a long-term career out of this.

Have Recommendations

The biggest weapon in any person’s arsenal is the recommendations they can show to future employers. It should be the first thing you ask for when leaving a place of work or switching between positions. A good list of shining recommendations cannot be ignored, and they’re very important for any employer.

For one, you won’t have to put every positive into your cover letter like a narcissistic person, instead, you can show the same but from a different perspective, an outsider’s point of view. Without this, you’ll have to work twice as hard to be recognized in the ocean of talented freelancers.

Don’t be Humble

Talking about recommendations, it’s not enough to have the opinion of others bringing you up. You have to be self-confident, sure of yourself, and never be humble. Of course, you should have some elegance and poise about yourself, but don’t be humble. If they ask what your strength is, tell them straight on. The same goes for weaknesses. 

Know who you are, know what you can and can’t offer, and give them a clear view of why you will be an asset. Especially if you don’t have an army of recommendations, degrees, and experience, you only have your word to stand by you, and your portfolio to strengthen your statement.

Looking for a job is overwhelming, and always hard. But making it as a freelancer is very much possible if you have the charisma and self-confidence to back it up, spiced with an incredible amount of self-motivation. With the right amount of recommendations, a good portfolio, and a straight view of where you want to end up in a few years, companies are liking the idea of hiring freelancers more and more, so now’s the time to take advantage of these interesting circumstances.