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Marco Torregrossa is a former policy officer in the EU Commission and a lawyer by training, specialised in new forms of collaborative self-employment, cooperative solo-entrepreneurship, digital work on platforms and the impacts of flexible labor regulations on the future of work. More about Marco at https://about.me/marcotorregrossa

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Uber ruling must not prevent companies from engaging the self-employed

31/10/2016 |

Uber today lost a landmark employment case in the UK, preventing the company to classify their drivers as self-employed. While independent work is prevalent in the construction, household, and transportation services, it is also widespread within certain types of specialized knowledge-intensive occupations. The largest majority of freelancers, the highly-skilled end of the self-employed and the fastest growing […]

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New VAT Rules on Digital Sales: A Headache for Freelancers

08/10/2016 |

What is the Problem for Freelancers? According to the Directive on the Place of Supply of Services, from 1 January 2015, VAT on all telecommunications, broadcasting and electronic services will be taxed where the customer is based, rather than where the supplier is located. According to the EU Commission, this changeover will ensure a more […]

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Ensuring Proper Access to Finance for Freelancers

18/09/2016 |

The life of freelancers is characterised by many positive factors, such as freedom and flexibility, including the ability to determine when and where they work and what type of work they do. These factors are leading more Europeans to choose independent work, most of the times without the need of any upfront financial support, often […]

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Eradicating False Self-Employment in Europe

04/09/2016 |

What is the Problem? The issue of false (also called bogus) self-employment has jumped in the forefront of debate among European policy makers, and is included as a priority of the new EU Platform to Tackle Undeclared Work. Concerns have emerged about the potential exploitation of low-paid, low-skilled vulnerable self-employed workers, mostly those operating in the […]

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Boosting Skills and Training for Freelancers

21/08/2016 |

Freelancers' Need for Training Unlike entrepreneurs who reply on a big idea, perhaps one that will change the world, freelancers’ primary value rests on their skills. Clients hire them for their skill-set, and it is their task to deliver an assignment based on their talent.  Freelance professionals provide specialist expertise to fill widening skills gaps and are […]

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Redefining Work: The Role of Freelancers, Policymakers and Businesses

09/08/2016 |

The nature of work and the ways it gets done is evolving rapidly. Public policies and the business sector need to be ahead of change, and provide more targeted support to workers transitioning from employment to freelancing and back. The rush hour is dying. New York City's subway system has announced that, for the first […]

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