The Best Online Communication Tools for Freelancers

20/07/2018 |

Communication Tools FreelancersAs the majority of the world’s freelance workforce is located in Europe, it is becoming more clear that the global economy is shifting towards one that is gig-based and values the ability to communicate digitally.

Whether you’re a digital nomad who has to work while traveling, you complete a lot of work for international companies, or you simply run a freelance business at home, you’ll need to work from an outstanding online communication platform to ensure that you are viewed as professional and can prevent any problems due to miscommunication or lack of connectivity.

Look Towards Well-Known and Widespread Platforms

For the purpose of ease and organisation across various cultures and time zones, it is suggested to use a platform that is widespread and well-known. You should stay away from platforms that don’t allow you, as a freelancer with many projects going on at once, to organise and maximise your time management as well as communication skills.

A platform like Slack is great in this case, especially if you work as part of a remote team or as a freelancer for many repeat clients, as it will allow you to create and access channels so you can stay up to date on the internal team’s communication. Slack allows you to direct message clients, enter a group chat, receive desktop notifications, and more.

If your freelance work requires you to communicate via conference calls or video chats, you can look into the well-known GoToMeeting, which offers a free plan if you’re chatting with 3 people or less. Or, you can take advantage of the recent Zoom arrival to Europe. This is a preferred platform due to its reputation with great reliability and connectivity, as well as the options to integrate interactive conference room solutions.

Gmail as Your Dedicated Email Provider

With a 26% market share in the email industry and more than a billion active users, Gmail is a well-known universal communication platform compatible with almost everything and every type of software you and your clients might be using.

Google also allows you to sync data across various devices and locations as well as utilize their cloud service anywhere you have internet connectivity.

As a communication platform, Google Hangouts allows you to message clients and straight from your Gmail account and easily convert a chat into a live video conference with up to 10 people.

Focus on Effective Collaboration & Communication

The communication channel you use with clients plays a significant role in how they will view you as a professional. If you’re currently using an application that is not convenient or reliable, you risk developing a frustrating relationship.

Ensure that the platforms you’re using are accessible and reliable for your clients, and also ensure that you’re taking advantage of all of the time management and communication tools that they have to offer to take your freelancing work to the next level.

By Lucy Wyndham, Professional Freelance Writer

Image Credit: Štefan Štefančík (Unplash)