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Crowdsourcing Defined

In times of exceptional online connectivity, non-profits, governments and businesses are now tapping into the power of the crowd.

Crowdsourcing is the practice of obtaining needed services, ideas, or content by soliciting contributions from a network of people in the form of an open call or a contest. The main objective is often in relation to speeding up innovation, problem solving or increasing efficiency.

Online engagements, forum contributions and social networks brought organisations closer to the people, laying the foundation for new methods of common value creation. People are collectively mobilised contributing with time, skills, ideas or money to a project across countless industries. Crowdsourcing can provide organizations with:

  • Optimisation of resources and reduced costs
  • New ideas generation and creative solutions
  • Improved consumer trust and citizens’ engagement
  • New product design and co-creation
  • Market intelligence and business insights

Crowdsourcing Services

Struggling to find innovative breakthroughs? Need fresh external thinking and insights?

At Euro Freelancers we have Europe wide expertise on how to innovate with the crowd. We help organizations solve their important technology, science, business and data challenges by connecting them with a European network of expert problem solvers.

Let us design and launch your challenge to our network of nearly 500,000 expert solvers and receive proposed solutions and working prototypes, quickly and effectively.

We use readily available technologies and platforms to implement crowdsourcing techniques and apply them to problem-solving, creative brainstorming, and co-creation within your organisation.

Our Crowdsourcing Marketplace connects organizations seeking solutions to important challenges they face with an unrivaled network of expert problem solvers – both experts from within your industry, but more importantly experts from outside of your industry that can offer diverse perspectives and fresh insight.

Our services are designed to meet the needs of public and private sector organisations that want to understand and navigate this new reality in ways that bring economic growth and build community participation.

Additional services revolve around three areas of crowdsourcing:

Public Policies

  • We organise trainings to build capacity of policy makers on gathering citizens’ insights through crowdsourcing platforms;
  • We supply local regulators with policy recommendations to implement crowdsourcing, help them develop key messages and build community participation around them;
  • We inform on key legal and regulatory issues that could either promote or obstruct crowdsourcing practices;
  • We kick start local programs that facilitate the transferability and scalability of best practice solutions on the use of crowdsourcing among EU Member States;
  • We advise on open calls and contests that public authorities could launch via their procurement departments.

Market Developments

  • We perform research studies, data collection analysis and surveys to identify market size, key trends, opportunities for growth and limitations across sectors and European countries;
  • We design and submit for EU funding pilot projects tackling crowdsourcing practices;
  • We plan and execute interactive workshops to shed light on key market developments for produces and services that can be optimised through crowdsourcing;
  • We test prototype approaches and advise on market competition, challenges and viability of crowdsourcing models.

System Innovation

  • We shape content and key messages for organisations to establish their authority in the field of crowdsourcing;
  • We design relevant online platforms and offline alliances to explore the potential of crowdsourcing;
  • We compile mapping of best practice examples, identify benchmarks and compare data in the field of crowdsourcing;
  • We advise organisations on potential partnerships required to make crowdsourcing succeed.

Interested in working together? Send us a note, we respond to every email we receive and are looking forward to hearing from you.