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Fundability Assessment

Are you poised to raise private investments?

Discover your startup’s readiness for pre-seed funding with Euro Freelancers Fundability Assessment. This quick 6-minute test should be your first step before approaching potential investors.

Our fundability assessment delivers an in-depth analysis and a quantitative score that reflects how early-stage investors perceive your startup. It evaluates critical aspects such as your team, product, business model, value proposition, exit potential, and more. This score not only reveals your current standing but also offers valuable insights on how you can enhance your fundraising prospects.

A few instructions before you start:

  1. Everything you write in the test is confidential and will not be shared with investors.
  2. Be honest. If you’re not sure of the correct answer, put your best guess.
  3. You can re-take the test as often as you wish.
  4. You can get in touch with us to discuss the results of your test.


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