Private Investments Fundraising

Private Investments Fundraising

Trying to raise private investments and equity funding for your company? Look no further! We will help you meet investors and manage the process of raising the capital you need to grow your company.

In cooperation with Innovation Manager, Euro Freelancers is leading a network of freelancers specialised in equity and private investments fundraising in Europe and the United States.

Our fundraisers’ unique assets:

  • Diverse backgrounds in the financial services industry
  • Portfolio of high-level contacts with private investors (seed, series A+)
  • Existing customers in the high-tech sector
  • Based all over the world, they can help you access international markets and funds

You will pay our freelancers a success fee, which is a percentage of all final funds secured for your company – no equity or retainer fees.

Private Investments Fundraising Services

We provide a sophisticated and personalised approach to fundraising, where you can access the most relevant investors truly targeted to your raise.

Our freelancers handle the entire fundraising process from the initial assessment of the business, financial modelling, analysing the capital needs, writing the investor deck, identifying the correct investor group, contacting and negotiating with investors, closing the deal and managing the post investment.  

Private Investments Fundraising Investors

1. Preparing Investment Material

  • Pitch deck and elevator pitch
  • Two-pager business plan
  • Full business plan
  • Valuation and profitability analysis

2. Circulating Investment Material to Investors

  • Investors and investment events mapping (e.g. VCs, Angels, Private Equity Firms, Hedge Funds, Family Offices, Crowdfunding)
  • Investment material sent to investors and investment events
  • Investment material added on digital portals (e.g. Gust, Angellist, Crunchbase)
  • Report of potential investors and their interest

3. Facilitating Negotiations with Investors

  • Follow up calls with investors
  • Fixed number of meetings organized between investors and customers
  • A report from each meeting

4. Finalising Investment

  • Investment and shareholder agreement preparation
  • Investment paid to the customer’s account
Private Investments Fundraising Investors

Raising capital is hard, and can be a frustrating process.

Don’t waste your time chasing investors. Let us do this for you, while you focus on growing your company!

Get in touch with us and request a demo.

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